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With The TrafficWave 30 Minute Challenge.

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How Can The 30 Minute Build Your List And Income Challenge Help Me?

Quite simply by providing incredible longterm value that members will always have and continue to benefit from.

Once set up, you’ll continually build your list. At the same time, you’ll learn about ‘the three steps to financial success’. Online success comes from having good tools (and systems), extra income opportunities to boost cashflow and of course lots of traffic to your offers. We provide all of this and all you need to do is take action!

What Is The 30 Minute Build Your List And Income Challenge?

It is an an email marketing campaign and standard Trafficwave capture page*, purposely designed to help anyone, even absolute beginners build their list and online income.

By following some simple steps you can be set up and running in about 30 minutes  with a personal targeted marketing system that you can profit from longterm.

It’s easy set up and ALL the leads you generate belong to you!

*Note: Paid members on our TrafficWave For Profit team get their own personal page like this one to use AND we include it on our team rotator.

Everything You Need

Our TrafficWave For Profit Team has everything you need to take your marketing to the next level. We provide landing pages, capture pages, broadcast letters and complete done-for-you autoresponder campaigns. There are many informative and instructional video trainings on all aspects of getting set up and managing your online business.

You’ll find massive value in our private Facebook group in the team news, tips, support and multiple members bonuses. Also, you always have our team website as a resource for you and your team to refer back to.

Extra Income Opportunities

We looked long and hard to find an extra income project that would match up to be a perfect fit with TrafficWave’s high standards. What we have ticked all the right boxes.

Our TrafficWave For Profit Team shares with new members how we can get returns of between 1-2 % Monday to Friday in this amazing opportunity.

It can be a passive income stream, or we can show you how we are sharing it actively. Our team has access to a wide range of promotional resources for you to take maximum advantage.

Most importantly, YOU are the one who ALWAYS has control of your money here! Your funds are fluid and you can exchange or withdraw 24/7, at your discretion.


Paid members on our team get their own page like this AND we put it in the team rotator where YOU will receive free traffic to it from Youtube and our other sources!

Build Unlimited Traffic Streams


We have plenty of ways of getting traffic that we are constantly evaluating to see what works best. You’ll learn all of this in our training.

But the feather in our cap is our team provides massive value to new members in terms of getting eyes on your lead pages.

You get access to our teams private Youtube training where you will learn to master building a constant flow of targeted traffic to your offers which you can scale up. Once you’ve learnt this, it just depends on your effort!

This will drive growth in your downline and ultimately your income!

Build Your List And Income..

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Frequently Asked Questions

our TrafficWave For Profit team gets.

What Ways Can I Benefit Financially?
  • You can earn 10 levels down from the Trafficwave affiliate plan.
  • You join us in our stringently vetted partner opportunities.
  • You can earn from building your list, building trust with your team members and having them join you in your ventures.
How much does it cost?

A TrafficWave monthly subscription is 17.95. Our Trafficwave For Profit Team is completely free to join!

But.. we will show you how you can quickly get your TW subscription for free and get it earning you money. For example, you can check out the ‘Get three and your TrafficWave is free’ post on our team website. Also, our extra income project will certainly help with the finances too! 🙂

How can you help me generate traffic?

You get access to our team leader Chase Swift’s easy-to-follow training on how you can build substantial traffic streams from Youtube to market your TW pages or anything else you wish to promote. Also, you’ll have access to our constantly updated and evolving, more traditional traffic methods. These are more basic but proven ways that we get consistent visitors in from.

Remember, if you do well, we all do well. It is in all of our interests to help you find success as quickly as possible and then be able to duplicate that with others too. The key to speeding things up is having the traffic and thats why this training is particularly valuable.

How can I market TrafficWave and build a team?
  • Mostly by following the team training and using the team resources available. They work!
  • Advertise your ‘Build your list and income’ capture page, either the standard set up one if you are a free member or your page like this one if you are a paid team member.
  • Place banners in as many places as you can. See our team training for ideas and information on this.
  • Refer people you know to the team website – There is heaps of good info on there. Just be sure to give them YOUR TrafficWave link to join under you.
In summary, what do I get if I join here?

To the best of our ability, we provide you with as much as we can from the ‘Three steps to financial success‘.

1: Tools – All of the marketing tools and systems, capture and landing pages, letter campaigns, broadcast letters, banners, general marketing resources and ideas and training on how to use and implement all of this.

2: Money – Access to our partner income projects for a boost of more immediate cashflow. Many members have been successfully making solid returns for quite some time now. Also our help in getting your TW account into profit as soon as possible so you get everything here for free going forward. “Get three and your Trafficwave is FREE!’

3: Traffic – Follow team leader Chase Swift’s easy-to-follow training on how you can build substantial traffic streams from Youtube to market your TW pages or anything else you wish to promote. Also, access to our constantly updated and evolving, more traditional traffic methods. These are more basic but proven ways that we get visitors in from.

* Disclaimer: The information on this page is provided for educational purposes only and is no guarantee of any potential income.

I'm in TrafficWave already. Can I join your TWFP team?

Yes, you can have more than one TrafficWave (TW) account. You will have to use a different user name and email address to create your second TW account.