Build Your List And Income With The TrafficWave 30 Minute Challenge

How to build your list and income with TrafficWave and the 30 minute challenge.

Build Your List And Income With The TrafficWave 30 Minute Challenge

How to build your list and income with TrafficWave and the 30 minute challenge.

List building is one of the most important things you should focus on when you are just getting started online. If you are serious about working towards longterm residual income, this is a tried and true way of acheiving it. With a reasonable sized list (it doesn’t have to be huge), you can send them helpful or useful information, gradually build trust with them and now and again present them with an offer which some of them will take up.


A lot of people make the mistake of diving into ‘the next shiny object’ (flashy looking program advertising something usually bordering on unbelievable) claiming to give them untold money for doing next to nothing. The truth is though, so much of what is out there on the net promising you this or that is just junk. You can easily eat up your valuable time and money and you still wont be any better off than where you started. I know because for my first few years online I got sidetracked into these kind of things repeatedly, thinking there must be quick way to make money online. I was determined to find one.

But of course I didn’t find it. When I started to do things a little differently was when I finally started seeing results. It was when I was decidedly more patient, and put some focussed effort into building up my websites, building my list and helping those people getting started in any way I could, (like avoiding common mistakes) then I started to see results. You need to put your time and effort into someting worthwhile, that you control.

It takes time initially to see the money coming in and to be honest many are discouraged and put off. But I am here to tell you that this works, and it works very well if you stick with it and keep going. Don’t give up once you start it. Once you have set this all up, try to do something to promote it everyday if possible, to keep the momentum building. Take care of it, build it up and one day it will take care of you without too much effort on your part!

Build Your List

TrafficWave 30 Minute List Building Challenge

The 30 Minute Challenge was put together by TrafficWave founder and CEO, Brian Rooney. It is a very popular campaign probably because it is very effective at what it was designed for – building your list.

The version I will be showing here is similar to the original, but I believe much better.  I have added a few extra valuable additions which I feel enhance it more, especially for those who may be a lot newer to all of this. I also have additional benefits to offer to my downline members which will explained as we go through this.

This is the basic ‘Skyrocket’ capture page we can set up with our campaign. You can learn more about it on this post ‘How to set up a basic TrafficWave capture page‘.

As a paid team member, you can also have this ‘Build your list and income FAST‘capture page with YOUR capture information embedded in it.

Bonus: Your page is put on the team rotator to receive free visitors and build your team faster. Click the image for a preview.

The 30 minute challenge is designed to show you how to get started with the basics to build your very own targeted email list by just spending 30 minutes of your time, following this simple guide. We wont be spending time downloading or installing software, or having to work out anything complicated, so don’t worry you can do this.
By the time you have completed these simple steps in about half an hour, you will have acheived this
1: Created your very first AutoResponder Campaign

2: Imported a complete followup letter series into it, which will automatically be sent out over time to your prospects

3: Setup a hosted capture page with all required information to send traffic to.

Later on, you will see I have a section showing you how to drive traffic to your capture page through various methods. You will begin building your very own targeted and responsive email marketing list and have plenty of options available to you to be able to constantly be scaling it up, dependant only on your individual effort. You will then be able to use this model to create any other lists you like to promote what ever other offers you wish to. The key is in the ‘targeted’ part, as you may have already guessed 🙂

It isn’t important to me if you were referred to this page directly by me or by one of our Affiliates, my personal goal is to help you get a solid understanding of list building fundamentals over the next few minutes.

This guide won’t cost you anything. If you are brand new in our team, maybe you are taking advantage of the TrafficWave 30 day free trial. Great! So you will be getting to check out the entire system completely free, awesome. From all the great features in the backoffice, such as the detailed tracking, unlimited campaigns and subscribers, unlimited banner advertising, right through to a complete list building set up – there is a lot to like, right? So lets get started.

Setting up your first TrafficWave Campaign – 30 Minute List Challenge

First off, start by logging in to your back office ->

At the top, click on Campaign Manager

then click on Create New Campaign

You will now see Create a Campaign – Step 1 of 5

For this step, you will give your new campaign the nickname: listchallenge
Then enter in the description: 30 Minute List Challenge   (This is just for your identification in the back office)

Next, Click on Verify My Nickname’ button.
and then Click Move To Step 2‘.

You will now see Step 2 of 5.

For your name, enter your real name.
For your return email address, enter the email address you will be using for any subscribers replies.
For Campaign Title, enter 30 Minute List Challenge

Click the Advanced button on the top right corner. It will open extra sections below.

In the URL Tokens section, Click ‘Add New URL Token’
Here, you will enter your TrafficWave Affiliate URL:
(NOTE: You just replace USERNAME with you TrafficWave account username)

Click on Move To Step 3′.

For this part, you can just select the box next to: “Use the postal address from my Member Profile.” or you can fill out the required information manually. This information appears in the footer area of each message sent out by the TrafficWave system. It is required to do this by law to be compliant.

Then click on Move To Step 4′.

You will then see Step 4 of  5.

In this part, we will tell your campaign what information that we want to collect from our web site visitors. From the choices, select the option next to where it says First Name/Last Name (split fields)

Now click on Move To Step 5′.

In this step, you can select the option to receive an email when someone confirms their subscription to your new campaign.

I would suggest you select that option. It’s great to be able to see your list growing and to get a feel of how many people are joining for how much you are promoting at that time!

Next, we will customize your confirmation message. The standard message doesn’t really help build any excitement or anticipation, so we want to use something more suitable like this:

Welcome To The List Builder Challenge!

I am looking forward to showing you exactly how easy it is to get started building your list. To start receiving your letters and a lot of great marketing value that’s sure to help your efforts, click the confirmation link, below:

This is a lot more positive and direct. Also, the system will automatically include the confirmation link so dont worry about that.

Next, you have to read and check the box next to: I have read and agree to the above requirements

Click ‘Finish’.

Awesome! Thats the first stage complete and you have now created your very own AutoResponder campaign!

Importing a letter series into your TrafficWave Autoresponder

The next stage is going to be to set up a series of letters for that Campaign. Once your prospects have joined your list, they will start receiving the series of letters at predetermined intervals. You can change the timing to send them out, change the current content and even add more of your own content or letters later on as you feel more confident. This is the idea, as you want to be ‘giving value’ to your subscribers so they are happy to receive emails from you.

So next, click ‘Retrieve Published Campaign’ on the top left

You will be importing a series of sales letters for you to use in this campaign. These were all created previously and are specifically geared towards explaining to prospects how this all works and what all the benefits are.

To simply retrieve the pre-written letters in to your new campaign, select the option: ‘Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters’.

Where you see AutoResponder ID Number, enter in 381235
Where you see 5 digit code, enter in 84138

NOTE: These pre-written letters are the standard ones. You will see and learn how we customize them by adding in lots of value and making them more personalized for your readers.

Now for this next part, take care!

If this is your first Campaign you have created, it should be no problem. If you already have created others, make sure you select your listchallenge campaign to overwrite. You dont want to accidentally overwrite the contents of another Campaign.

Finally in this stage, click on the button ‘Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters’.

 Great! Stage two is complete. You now have an Autoresponder campaign all loaded up with followup letters that will be mailed out to your prospects.

Setting up a TrafficWave Hosted Capture Page

Onto the next step which is to set up a Hosted Capture Page.

This is what you will be promoting by advertising it everywhere and by following the traffic methods we will show you to send traffic to it. There are many potential options for what you could have and use for your capture page(s). We will just focus on two of them for you for now though.

The first option is the ‘Skyrocket’ page. It is a fairly basic looking page, but does very well at getting the message across and getting signups.

You can check out the specific training post ‘How to set up a basic TrafficWave capture page‘ to get this set up. You’ll also find an instructional video overview on that post if you prefer following along that way.

How to set up a basic TrafficWave capture page

Build Your List And Income Fast capture page

As a paid member of our TWFP team, you can have your own capture/landing page made like this one. This will have your Trafficwave affiliate information embedded into it. You will need to pass on your TW referral info to your sponsor to get one of these made for you.

You can click on the image to preview the page.

These team member pages will be added to a special team rotator that will receive free visitors from a variety of well known high performing sources. Our more traditional traffic getting methods are constantly monitored and measured for the best results. We will have training posts on this coming soon for everyone to take advantage of.

This team rotator will also be fed from our Youtube training methods too. See the training center for more info.

So once you have finished setting up your desired page(s), you should have the capture page URL. Copy this URL down some where. You will use it in the next phase where we begin driving traffic to your capture page to begin building your list of subscribers. Just as a general tip, I have a simple text file created in notepad with all my commonly used URL’s in it. I have this pinned to my start menu for quick access and it is really easy when I want to copy and paste the links from it into sites where I want to promote.

A quick recap..

So to recap, you have now created a new Autoresponder campaign, retrieved/imported a letter series specifically designed to follow up and give value to your subscribers, and finally created a Hosted Capture Page. This will be how you capture the name and email from your visitors that also want to learn how to build their own targeted email marketing lists and their income too!

It is really worth remembering when you look at the TrafficWave affiliate plan, that if you get 3, yours is free!

What this of course means is you really only need three people in your downline and you then don’t pay anything for all of the wonderful services that TrafficWave provides. Awesome, right? So this should be one of the early goals you have in mind when promoting your pages.

In a nutshell, your capture page is offering a free guide (just like this guide) to list building. Your letters are set up to show prospects how to get started using this easy to follow step by step guide and will be directing them to open their 30 Day Free Trial account by going to your Affiliate URL to register.

Get three and your TrafficWave membership is FREE!