How To Get Started With TrafficWave For Profit And Make Money Online

Three Steps To Financial Success

How To Get Started With TrafficWave For Profit And Make Money Online

Hi, and welcome to the TrafficWave For Profit team!

Here you will be introduced to the ‘Three steps to financial success’. These have been identified by our experienced team leaders as the essential foundations you need to put in place to start getting solid results.


The great news for you is that you will quickly learn how to put these into action for you. With the tools and systems you will now have access to, you’ll have a clear path to follow where you are in control. Your results are both scalable and largely up to your effort and determination. The action you take and the effort you put in will decide the benefits you will receive!

In this post we will be focussing primarily on the first of the ‘Three steps to financial success’. This is about getting familiar with all of the great tools and systems and getting them set up and working for you.

Building a successful online business with Trafficwave (TW) and the TrafficWave For Profit team (TWFP) gets a lot easier once you understand how everything works.

Just before we start, here is a quick recap of the three steps.

What are the ‘Three steps to financial success’?

We provide landing pages, capture pages, broadcast letters and complete done-for-you campaign series as well as informative and instructional video trainings. You’ll find massive value in our private Facebook group in the team news, tips, support and multiple members bonuses.

Our team shares with new members how we can get returns from about 5-30% per month from two amazing partnered projects.

These can be completely passive income streams, or you can actively share them. We now have a wide range of promotional resources at our disposal to take maximum advantage.

Best of all, YOU are the one who ALWAYS has control of your money. Your funds are fluid and you can exchange or withdraw 24/7, it is up to you.


Our TrafficWave For Profit Team also provides massive value to our new team members. You get access to our teams private Youtube training where you will learn to master building a constant flow of targeted traffic to your offers.

This proven traffic method will drive growth in your downline and ultimately boost your income.

How to get started with TrafficWave

First things first, if you haven’t signed up to TW yet, you can do so through the link on the bottom of this (or any other) post or join here. If someone else introduced you to this site, please be sure to ask them for their sign up and join under them.

So early on, of course you will need to get yourself familiarized and set up with all of the fantastic tools available to you.

It would be a good idea to check out the Training center early on as this is a hub where members get access to the latest team training and tutorials to help them. Click on the image to access the Training center.


How to set up your first TrafficWave campaign

One of our main priorities is to get you set up as soon as possible with your first Trafficwave campaign(s). This is because we want to quickly be promoting with you to build your team and income. There’s nothing like getting those lovely fastrack bonuses and residual commissions.

The post ‘Build your list and income with TrafficWave and the 30 minute challenge‘ is where you can learn about the primary letter series our team uses.


The 30 Minute Challenge campaign (and concept) was originally put together by the TrafficWave founder and CEO, Brian Rooney. It is a very well known and popular campaign most likely because it is very effective at what it was designed for – building your list.

Our team challenge campaign is an enhanced version of this. Its designed to provide subscribers a lot of additional value throughout the letter series.

As you will learn, our team follows the quote made famous by the great Zig Ziglar – ‘You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want’.

We see the results in giving so much of value to new subscribers as they want to join us and stay. This is how we are seeing growth in our team, TW income and our other partner opportunities too!

You personally benefit from all of the value we have provided as you will offer the same to your prospects and build your list, team and income. So head on over to the post where you will find a complete step by step guide to getting your first campaign and capture page set up.


The TrafficWave For Profit Facebook group

One great thing you can do to get things moving for you is to join the Trafficwave For Profit team Facebook group. The reason for this is because you will get to know Trafficwave For Profit leader Chase Swift. He actively engages with members, constantly giving tips, training and all round good value and sets a great example of how to teambuild.

Chase is a master with Youtube videos, both in creating them and getting them ranked in the search engines. In the facebook group, you will soon see many helpful, informative and instructional videos to quickly help you get set up with whatever you need. Video realIy is ideal when you need to learn something quickly. It really does make things much easier.

Also the really huge thing for all of us trying to build our downlines is that we can learn how to build up a constant stream of visitors from youtube to our capture page (or anywhere else we like)!

I am an administrator in the facebook group also, and constantly monitor activity in there. You can and should ask any questions you may have and we’ll get you sorted in no time.

If you are an active member of the TWFP team, you can join our Facebook group here by clicking the banner.

Earn online with TrafficWave and our additional income streams

Trafficwave is a rock solid business and has been around for over 19 years and always paying its members without fail in that time. When looking for a program or two that would be perfect for members to increase their earning potential, we had to find candidates that matched Trafficwave’ high standards. What we found certainly ticked all the right boxes.

You’ll find a bit more of an overview on our extra income generation here or by clicking on the image.

Extra income project for TrafficWave team members

Bear in mind that these are entirely optional to join or not. Also, get to know your sponsor as they may be involved in additional opportunities they can share with you too. We want to build trust within the group and the key to that is communication, so don’t be afraid to reach out. As a team, we want everyone to have success so we want to share as much as we can to make that happen. 🙂

So that pretty much covers the ‘starting steps’. After you have checked all of those out, have a good look through the other posts here and bookmark the site to check back often. Additional training and information will continually be added to help all members.


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Get three and your TrafficWave membership is FREE!

Get three and your TrafficWave membership is FREE!