How to get unlimited free leads from Youtube to Trafficwave or any business

How to get unlimited free leads from Youtube to Trafficwave or any business

Being able to get constant visitors or ‘traffic’ to your site or offer is critical to your success. You can have the best site or offer but if nobody see it, you are not going to go far. We can share with you a method that is 100% working and effective and is getting us huge results.

The great thing is you can take advantage of this unique training that our team leader Chase Swift offers to build traffic streams for life, for free. These can be used to promote YOUR TrafficWave link, your extra income project or anything else you like to promote. After you understand the concept of this, then it’s completely up to you how many traffic streams you want to build. It is unlimited and YOU control it


Learning to get targeted leads from Youtube

Our TrafficWave For Profit team leader Chase Swift is a master when it comes to all things to do with Youtbe (and Google to as a matter of fact). He has been using all of these methods now for a long time and he currently gets over 3000 views per day! On one of his better performing channels, he has over 11,200 subscribers with over 2.8 million views of his videos!

You can see the results of some of his videos for yourself. Search google for these phrases:

How To Block Someone On Gmail From Sending You Emails (over 101,000 views, page 1 google, number 1 on Youtube)

What is Google Drive and How Does It Work (Number 1 on Google and Youtube, over 162,400 views)

What is the Difference between Google and Google Chrome (Number 1 on Google and Youtube, over 97,600 views)



I think you’ll see those are pretty impressive numbers and he has SO MANY videos like those, working for him everyday, 24/7.

As he has mentioned before, it’s not hard. You just have to learn these precise methods and then be consistent in taking action. Anyone can get the same results as Chase is getting if they want to put in a little effort.

Chase gives a brief overview of things in the video below.


How to get unlimited free leads from Youtube to Trafficwave or any business

With Chase Swift.

After you see the amazing results people get from this, I am sure like many of us you will be wanting to ‘dip your toes in the water’ of video making eventually. Don’t worry, you can just show your desktop and remain off camera too, by the way, until you feel confident enough. We have training on all of this too.
I have one of my videos that now has over 11,500 views and the channel currently has over 1300 subscribers. This has all come about in a relatively short time and of course, it will just keep working for me going forward, day in day out.


Dominate your business on Youtube

What we teach is a way to make you ‘an authority’ with your Youtube channel in the eyes of Google and YT (youtube). Why this is important is because combined with the keyword research and placement, your videos will rise quickly in the search engine results. From there, getting ‘targeted visitors’ to where you want them to go gets a whole lot easier.



The proven methods you will learn about will help your channel become more and more powerful. This will then gradually allow you to direct an ever increasing stream of traffic to wherever you want. It could be to your TW referrals page, your webpage, or an offer page, its up to you.

What’s great is when you are using this to promote your TrafficWave, you will just duplicate what you have learned already with your new members! You’ll simply be sharing with them all of the resources you’ll have. All of this works, and its very straight forward. So no need to change anything, just rinse and repeat.

When you get others in the team working with you, this is when you’ll really see your business results scaling up!



How To Get Started Building Leads For Your Business

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